8th Infocom World Albania 2017

  • The Leading Path to Innovation

    We are in a time of unprecedented change. As a result, what may have helped an organization be successful in the past could potentially be the cause of their failure in the future. Companies need to adapt and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of their constituents, but many may agree for one thing: innovation is about staying relevant! By being relevant, organizations, establish their position in the market and try to lead “the way”. But can this path be led alone? How can policies, regulations and governmental structures catch up and shape the innovation, also by profiting themselves during the process? These questions and more will be the “hot topics” that our distinguished speakers will be discussing throughout the sessions.

    First Session: The New Paradigm of eService

    The transformation of physical products to service products has been enabled and hasten by electronic networks since the beginning of the 90’s. For firms to garner long-term customer relationships they must take full advantage of the e-service opportunities that these electronic networks can offer. The prediction that product-centered orientated firms that resists the call of the customers for control are not likely to survive in this electronic environment has been long proved by the global market disruption of many “big brands” which for long have been leading the market. Anyhow the private sector, is not leading alone the positive growth of eService. Breakthrough innovations are been implemented everyday by governments and public institutions, in ensuring the quickest and safest public service, through numerous e-platforms for its citizens. Albania in the recent years, has endeavored in such innovations and doesn’t intend to stop… In this session, high level officials and leading market representatives will unveil their insights in what’s coming next in the “eService realm”.

    Second Session: Leader’s Summit: Who is driving Innovation?

    Whether an innovation will be a success is uncertain and it can take longer than traditional enterprises or financial institutions are willing to wait. In more developed countries, the state has provided the kind of patient and long-term finance, new technologies need to get off the ground. Investments of this kind have often been driven by big missions, from putting a human on the moon, to solving climate change. This has required not only funding basic research – the typical “public good” that most economists admit needs state help – but applied research and seed funding too. But for a small country such as ours, which aims big steps, what might be the possible approach? Who is the real “driver” and “rider” of this path? How can the private sector be facilitated by the government, which also has to ensure that education, health & transport can benefit from state investment in innovation? Selected executives, academics and state representatives, will be seated together and discuss around the topic, by providing “food for thought” for anyone attending.

    Third Session: Business (not) as usual…

    If the relation between the private & public sector in ensuring the right path to innovation is put to a constructive debate, what can be said about the approach that the organizations have toward their costumers? To remain innovative, companies need to develop new products and processes – and do it quickly. Innovation and its ability to create competitive advantage for firms are at the very core of this concentration. That is why, every year, this forum has dedicated different platforms to allow selected companies, to present their newest innovations and how they aim to “inject” their way into the market. From B2B to B2C approaches, in this session, notable speakers will introduce their vision, proposals & achievements, by presenting a full range of know-how, in ensuring that one of the most powerful drivers of innovation, the customer, is not left unnoticed and unpleased.

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